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Where everyone can experience luxury.

Over the last 20 years we have established ourselves as the top tanning salon in Burlington by setting the highest standards in customer service, cleanliness, knowledge, results, and competitive pricing.

We have recently renovated to bring you the most modern salon in southern Ontario, located right in the heart of Burlington (see gallery). Our large spacious rooms provide a comfortable tanning environment unlike any other. You can even relax in our lounge and enjoy complimentary beverages.

Our frequent upgrades provide you with the most innovative and sophisticated tanning technology, guaranteed to give you the results you want. The KBL Alpha 6800 SMART BED is our newest addition. There are only 2 available in Canada, and is currently the best bed on the market. This bed provides the most powerful tan and luxurious spa-like experience.

It is our promise to you that our knowledgeable, certified staff will strive to provide you the best experience possible. Book a session or simply walk in and come see for yourself.


Level 6


“The best bed on the market” – Tan Today Forums and
Only 2 in Canada, this bed is the next generation in tanning bed intelligence. Smart Bed technology allows you to select the type of rays that you prefer. A mood enhancing 4 seasons’ light show sets the tone to escape every day stresses. The aromatherapy and aqua mist make you feel like you’re on a relaxing vacation in Hawaii. Experience the darkest and most comfortable tanning experience of your life!

10 Minutes Maximum

52 – 180 watt body and side lamps
4 – 800 watt facial lamps
2 – 250 watt shoulder lamps
6 – 80 watt p2 pigment enhancing lamps

intilliSun – control over UVA/UVB settings
Aqua-cool mist
Four seasons lighting
Auto-adjusting ventilation for ultimate comfort
MegaVoice – Voice guidance through functions
Sound Package – Mp3 Int., Mp3 Ext., Salon sound, USB
Pre-selection Display – convenient settings on canopy
CPI electronics – Maximum output of lamps for every session

Level 5


With a fascinating customized LED light show, this bed must be seen in person. Combining high pressure and UV light sources, this bed delivers a deeper and longer lasting tan.

15 Minutes Maximum

33 – 160 watt body and side lamps
10 – 620 watt facial lamps
5 – 25 watt shoulder lamps
Fully Air-conditioned

Level 4


This premium tanning bed is specifically designed for the active person in mind. With a patent pending oval design, this unit tans you closer and darker than traditional stand-ups. Even the tallest client can get an evenly balanced tan from head to toe.

12 Minutes Maximum

52 – 200 watt, 2 meter lamps
High output body cooling fan

Level 3


This bed sets the new standard in the high-level sunbed class. It has Eye-catching styling with brilliant LED lighting.

12 Minute Maximum

50 – 160 watt body & side lamps
5 – 25 watt shoulder lamps
4 – 600 watt facial lamps
Integrated body cooling system

Level 2


Combining technology and design, this unit offers presence with performance to match. This tanning bed is a perfect mid-level bed.

12 Minute Maximum

16 – 100 watt lounge lamps
24 – 140 watt canopy lamps
3 – 400 watt facial lamps

Level 1


This is our entry-level bed.

20 Minute Maximum

32 – 100 watt lamps
3 – 400 watt facial lamps


By Appointment Only

Prime. Bronze. Optimize. Enhance.

The four step system is specially designed to optimize, build, and extend sunless tanning results like never before. We will help you choose the best products for you to complement your airbrush tanning services or get that just off the beach colour at home.

Our Norvell Coliseum booth provides the perfect spray-tanning environment while your custom airbrush tan is applied. Our Certified Airbrush Technician uses her advanced understanding of skin tones to select the perfect shade or customize one just for you.

Norvell Coliseum Features:

• Heated comfortable spray environment
• Ventilation system filters out overspray
• Advanced LED Lighting minimizes shadowing and boots visibility

Airbrush Benefits:

• Golden brown glow
• Instant colour
• Streak free, even application
• Evens out skin tone & hides imperfections

Perfect For:

• Weddings, proms, & special events
• Vacations
• Photos & photo shoots
• No time for traditional tanning
• Stage & pageants
• Fitness shows

Prep & Maintenance

24 – 48 Hours prior to session
• Exfoliate
• Waxing or cream based hair removal should be done 24 hours prior to session

Day of session
• Shower, shave, & exfoliate
• Avoid high ph. soaps or in-shower moisturizers
• No moisturizers, makeup or perfumes
• No deodorant or use sparingly if necessary. Unscented works the best.
• Remove makeup & jewelry
• Wear dark loose-fitting clothing; avoid underwire bras and restricting clothing.

After session
• Avoid any activity that would cause you to perspire.
• Allow at least 8 hours before showering. The longer the better. Solution continues to develop for up to 24 hours.
• Warm water rinse only is recommended if showering between the first 8 hours. 12 – 16 hours will provide the optimum results.
• Avoid all water until showering
• Do not exfoliate during the days following your session
• Moisturize after showering everyday so the tan will last longer and fade evenly

Tan will last 5 – 7 days with proper care


For further information please visit


Moisturized skin is the key to a longer lasting, healthier tan. Our tanning lotions increase your results by 30 – 50%, which maximizes the value of your tanning minutes and saves you money. Let us help you find the right products for your skin type and needs.

Benefits of lotion:

• Tan faster
• Get a darker colour
• Tan lasts longer
• Keeps skin moisturized
• Helps even out skin tone
• Anti-aging properties
• Essential nutrients

Types of Tanning Lotions:

Tyrosine helps boosts your skins own natural ability to produce melanin. Accelerators are a great starter lotion for people with fair to light skin tones

Immediate bronzers
Natural ingredients provide additional pigment with no risk of staining or streaking. Perfect for every skin tone.

Delayed bronzers
DHA, Erythrulose & Mahakanni provide deep long lasting bronzers which gradually develop over 4 – 6 hours. Designed for medium & olive skin tones or after a base tan is established.

Will give the darkest deep brown results. Benzyl Nicotinate brings oxygen to the surface causing skin to oxidize and turn brown. Caution should be taken when using tingles due to the itchy, tingling effect. Perfect for those hard to tan areas such as legs and stomach.

Facial tanners
Hypoallergenic and fragrance free, these are formulated for the face’s sensitive skin. Anti-aging properties help with dark sports and fine lines. They are available as accelerators, immediate bronzers and delayed bronzers.

Tan Extenders

An essential step in achieving a healthy radiant glow, tan extenders are specially formulated moisturizers that are designed for tanned skin. Hydrated skin better absorbs UV light and also extends the life of your tan. They should be applied immediately following a tanning session and immediately after showering.

Other Lotion Features:

• Hypoallergenic
• Paraben free
• Cooling
• Silicone
• Hemp seed oil
• Caffeine
• Fruit, tea & gem extracts


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